Transferring Codes Between Teachers

What do you do when a student changes classes or schools during the school year? It is now possible to transfer codes from one teacher to another and keep the student’s progress and scores assigned with that code. Let’s walk through the process!

The teacher who initially imported the code should copy the code, student name, and student email as they currently appear in CourseWave, and send those to the new teacher.

The new teacher should go to their CourseWave dashboard and click on the “Add Code” button. Paste the code, student name, and student email in the appropriate fields and submit. The student should now appear in the list of students for that resource, and their progress and submissions should appear in the dashboard. 

If the student transfers back to the original class, the code can be transferred back to the original teacher the same way.

To transfer an entire class, the new teacher can upload the code spreadsheet to their account, and the codes and student progress will transfer to the new teacher. In order to make this transfer seamless, please add a column to your spreadsheet with the header “teacher email”, and the new teacher’s email address in every row (add the new teacher’s email to the cell in the first row, then drag the bottom right corner of that cell down to copy it into the entire column).

For more information on CourseWave Codes, see the article Everything You Need to Know about CourseWave Codes.

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