School-Wide or District-Wide Code Imports

You’ve asked; we listened. You now have the ability to do school-wide or district-wide code imports to CourseWave. This is a more complex process than a basic CourseWave import, but it will allow districts to streamline the distribution of codes.

As always, when the CourseWave resources are purchased, one contact will receive all the codes in a spreadsheet. Each code pairs one student with one resource. 

Your spreadsheet should have a column with the header “Teacher Email”. If it does not, or if you have an older spreadsheet from before the implementation of this feature, simply add a column with that header. It does not matter where this column is located in relation to the other columns in the sheet.

For each resource, copy and paste the student names, student email addresses, and teacher email addresses into the corresponding columns in the spreadsheet. Make sure that every code has a student name paired with it.

Log in to your account and select the “import codes” button at the top right of your dashboard. Follow the prompts to import your spreadsheet. The resources should automatically populate to the teachers to whom they have been assigned. Any resources not assigned to a teacher will be assigned to the person who has uploaded them. To reassign those resources, please see the article Transferring Codes Between Teachers.

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