Sample CourseWave Implementation Plan

CourseWave Online Testing is included with your ABC workbook purchase where available. The CourseWave testing maps directly to the ABC curriculum you know and love, bringing data-driven instruction into your classroom.

Using the books and testing tools together allows educators to customize the implementation to their students’ unique needs, both in the classroom and remotely.

The ABC Chart of Standards from your teacher guide has a corresponding Standard Report within CourseWave. From any resource page, you can see at a glance which tests and individual questions map to which standard. When used in conjunction with your Score Report, you can identify learning gaps and design your curriculum to address them. 

Step One: Pretest

With content covering 100% of state standards, your pretests are your first step in viewing trends in student scores. Once your students have submitted their pretests, you can instantly see how they fared against each standard. 

Step Two: Plan

Using the Chart of Standards in your Teacher Guide and the Standards Report in your CourseWave dashboard, plan your instruction to address the learning objectives identified during pretesting.

Step Three: Check in

Using the included chapter tests, unit tests, and score report, you’ll be able to continuously measure your students’ progress toward their individual and your classroom goals.

Step Four: Posttest

A final posttest will show the progress your students made against each standard over the course of the year, as well as any signs of learning loss or understanding gaps.

If learning loss is holding your students back, ABC’s all-inclusive Gearing Up resources are designed to aid learning recovery with below grade level support. Gearing Up covers 100% of College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) and includes CourseWave Online Testing.

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