How to Reset a Test in CourseWave

It happens. Your student took the wrong test and now the test is graded in CourseWave. What do you do next? 

In your CourseWave dashboard, click on the resource with the test that was taken by mistake. The tests in that resource will display on the screen. Click “Submissions” to view all the completed assessments. The most recent ones will appear in boldface at the top of the list.

Navigate to the test you need to reset, and click the “Reset” button at the far right of the screen that corresponds to that test. A pop up window will appear asking if you are sure. To delete all the answers and reset the test, click the blue “Yes, delete it!” button.

The submission will disappear from the list. When your student views the resource again, that test will display as incomplete. They may now re-take the assessment at the proper time. 

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