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Welcome to CourseWave, your child’s online testing resource from American Book Company! As your child is getting started, here are some things you should know. You can find more information in the Student Quick Start Guide

  • When your student receives a new resource, they may automatically receive an email with a link to log in to CourseWave. If this is their first time using CourseWave, they will be able to set up their account at this time. If they have multiple resources, they may receive multiple emails. Regardless of how many emails they receive or how many instructors have assigned resources, all of the testing materials will be accessible through a single dashboard on CourseWave.
  • Some students will receive a login code for each course directly from their teacher. If your child receives a code, they will use it to access the assessments for that course. If a student accesses a resource with a code, they will not see any other resources in their dashboard. Keep the code somewhere your child will be able to access it whenever they need to complete an assessment. If your child loses the code, contact your teacher.
  • Every test in each resource will be available when your child accesses the materials. It’s important to follow each teacher’s instructions to find the specific test your child needs to take. Your child will not be able to retake the assessment, so it’s imperative they only take tests when the teacher has instructed them it is time to do so. If your child takes the incorrect assessment by mistake, contact your teacher to have the assessment reset.
  • CourseWave automatically grades assessments, however only the instructor will be able to see the results. If you have questions about your child’s grade, contact their teacher.
  • If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions, contact your child’s teacher or consult the help section on our website. 

We hope this information helps as your child navigates through CourseWave. Thank you for letting us be your partner in your student’s success!

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