How to Create a Student Account

Creating an account on CourseWave is your first step to accessing all your assessments in one place. Please note that CourseWave works best on a laptop or desktop computer. Some features may not work on mobile devices.

To create your student account, start by clicking on the “Get Started” link in the automated email you received. From here, you can create your account using your email address or sign in using a Google, Clever, or Microsoft account.

To log in with your Google, Clever, or Microsoft account, make sure you are logged into the service you’d like to use, then click the login button that corresponds to your chosen login method. Follow any prompts to connect your account.

All resources available to you will display on the screen once you log in. If you have a code for a resource that does not appear in your resources list, you can redeem that code by clicking “redeem code” in the top right corner of your dashboard.

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