Everything You Need to Know about CourseWave Codes

What is a CourseWave Code?

CourseWave codes are the unique identifiers linking your classroom to the online testing resources you have purchased. Each ten-character code serves to pair one student with one resource, and you can manage these codes directly from your CourseWave dashboard. Don’t have a CourseWave dashboard yet? Click here to learn how to create your teacher account.

Please note: CourseWave online testing is included in your book purchase, but not all eBooks are accessed through CourseWave. Not sure if your codes are for CourseWave or Redshelf eBooks? All CourseWave codes are ten characters long; Redshelf eBook codes are sixteen characters long. Questions about your eBooks? Please contact American Book Company at 1-888-264-5877 or [email protected].

Before you assign the codes to individual students, you should determine the best way for your students to access CourseWave.

  • By email: your students will receive an automated email with an access link to sign up for an account to access their resources.
  • By code: you distribute the codes to the individual students directly, and they will access the resource with that code. If a student accesses a resource with a code, they will not be able to see any other resources in their dashboard.
  • With Clever: If you’ve entered your students’ email addresses in the spreadsheet prior to upload, the resources will automatically populate in their dashboard. If they do not have email addresses, they can redeem their codes in their CourseWave dashboard.

Your codes are good for 365 days from the redemption date. If you have questions regarding your redemption date, please contact us by email or by phone: (888) 264-5877.

Receiving and Importing your CourseWave Codes

When you place an order with American Book Company for CourseWave resources, you will receive an email with your order information, including your order number and a spreadsheet containing your CourseWave codes. If the codes were sent to the wrong contact, please call us at (888) 264-5877 or contact us by email to request a new email with your codes.

Your dashboard will be empty until you add your codes. There are two ways to import access codes into CourseWave: 

  • Import a spreadsheet with the codes, student emails, and names. Upon purchasing CourseWave, you will receive an automated email with your codes attached in a spreadsheet. Download the Excel spreadsheet, input your students’ information, save the spreadsheet as a .XLSX file, and upload it to the CourseWave website. Note: it is important to use the students’ actual unique names in your spreadsheet in order to distinguish one student’s test submission from another. Teachers should not use their own name in place of their students’ names. In your CourseWave account, click the large button reading “Import Codes” to upload the spreadsheet. CourseWave will send an email to the students automatically, giving them access to the online tests. CourseWave will send an email to the students automatically, giving them access to the online tests. Note: if your school system does not allow outside emails to students, please ask your IT Administrator to whitelist the CourseWave.com domain before you import your codes. Information about how we use automated email processes can be found here. You can upload the spreadsheet without inputting the students’ email information–you’ll be able to add it later using the “Manage Codes” feature.
  • Add codes individually. To send access to students individually, click on the “Add Codes” button and input the information for each access code one at a time. You will need to fill in the code and student name. If your student will be accessing CourseWave by email, you must also include the student email address in order for your student to receive the link. For your convenience, you may also assign a student ID, however that information is not required by CourseWave. 

Watch the video below for a quick visual guide to importing your codes!

Once you have imported or added your codes, your dashboard will automatically fill with the ABC Resources you have purchased.

Using the Manage Codes Feature

You may have imported your codes without the student information, or you may have a new student join your class. Perhaps there was a typo in a student’s name or email address. Don’t panic!  You can assign the codes manually or make corrections using the manage codes feature.

Visit your dashboard and click on an individual resource. You will find a “Manage Codes” button below the image of the book cover. You can then click on the edit option for each code and input each student’s information individually. When you’re finished, hit “Save” to send out the resources by automated email. If you do not want your students to receive an automated email, you may leave the email field blank and distribute the codes directly to the corresponding students. You may also use this edit option to correct any errors in the student information.

Transferring Codes Between Teachers

If a student transfers classes or schools within a district, their scores are transferrable to the new teacher. Please read Transferring Codes Between Teachers for more information.

Adding and Renewing Codes

In most cases, your CourseWave codes are good for 365 days from the purchase date. In special circumstances, such as summer school or a digital preview/trial, they may expire earlier. If you have questions regarding your purchase date or type, please contact us.

When it’s time to order new codes, please contact us by email or by phone: (888) 264-5877.

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