Teacher Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the CourseWave Online Testing Platform! 

Setting up your CourseWave Classroom is an easy process! To get started, follow these steps:

Create an account at www.coursewave.com.

On the main login page, follow the link that reads: “Are you a teacher? Create an account here!” and follow the instructions to set up your account. You will not see any resources and should not distribute any codes until after you import the unique access codes.

Watch the video below for a visual guide to setting up your account!

Determine the best way for your students to access CourseWave.

By email: your students will receive an automated email with an access link to sign up for an account to access their resources.

By code: you distribute the codes to the individual students directly, and they will access the resources with that code. If a student accesses a resource by code, they will not be able to see any other resources in their dashboard.

Import Codes.

There are two ways to import access codes into CourseWave: 

Importing a spreadsheet with the codes and student names. Upon purchasing CourseWave, you will receive an automated email with your codes attached in a spreadsheet. Download the Excel spreadsheet, input your students’ information, save the file, and upload it to the CourseWave website. In your CourseWave account, click the large button reading “Import Codes” to upload the spreadsheet. Each code must be paired with a student name; email addresses and student ID numbers are optional. Spreadsheets without student names will receive an error message.

Note: it is important to use the students’ actual unique names in your spreadsheet in order to distinguish one student’s test submission from another. Teachers should not use their own name in place of their students’ names.

To assign resources to students accessing CourseWave with your Google or Microsoft classroom, use the students’ Google or Microsoft account email addresses when you assign the resource codes.

CourseWave will send an email to the students automatically, giving them access to the online tests. Note: if your school system does not allow outside emails to students, please ask your IT Administrator to whitelist the CourseWave.com and americanbookcompany.com domains before you import your codes. Information about how we use automated email processes can be found here.

Adding codes individually. To send access to students individually, click on the “Add Codes” button and input the information for each access code one at a time. You will need to fill in the code and student name. If your student will be accessing CourseWave by email, you must also include the student email address in order for your student to receive the link. For your convenience, you may also assign a student ID, however that information is not required by CourseWave. 

Watch the video below for a quick visual guide to importing your codes!

Learn how to import your CourseWave codes!
Access Testing Material.

Once you have imported your codes, your dashboard will automatically fill with the ABC Resources you have purchased.

In order to preview the tests, click on the resource and select “Preview”  on whichever pretest, posttest, or chapter test you wish to view. Important note: You cannot assign individual tests to your students through CourseWave. Your students will have access to all assessments when they access the resource. Be sure to communicate with your students which tests to take and when. 

Now that you have set up your CourseWave dashboard, you can let your students begin testing. See our Sample Implementation Plan for suggestions on incorporating CourseWave into your curriculum planning. When your students complete a test, it will show up on your teacher dashboard, but you can also find test results on the main page of the individual tests.

Grading Tests: Assessments are automatically graded in CourseWave, but you will have the opportunity to award points after your students submit the tests. Essay and short answer questions will be left ungraded and marked with a yellow caution symbol until you go into the individual test and assign points. 

Exporting Reports: CourseWave allows you to export reports in two formats: .csv or .xlsx. You will find buttons for both of those options wherever you find reports on the platform. You will be able to export these reports into Microsoft Teams.

For any additional questions, please contact American Book Company at 1-888-264-5877 or [email protected].

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