Assigning CourseWave Tests Using Google Classroom

To assign a CourseWave test, log into CourseWave and click on the corresponding resource. If it doesn’t appear on your dashboard, click “View All Resources” to find it. The list of available tests will appear on your screen, with buttons to view or assign the tests. 

Click the “Assign” button to assign a CourseWave test with Google Classroom. This will create a draft assignment in your “Classwork” tab in Google Classroom. From there you can add further instructions and assign a due date before assigning it to your students.

Once your students complete the assignment and submit it, you will be able to grade any short answer or essay questions in CourseWave, and the final score will be shared between CourseWave and Google Classroom. 

For more information about scoring short answer or essay questions in CourseWave, please see the article Scoring Essay and Short Answer Questions.

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