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Q: How Do I Login to CourseWave?

A: Students: Your teacher will assign you a unique access code for each resource. They may give you this code directly, or they may assign it to you by email or through your Google or Microsoft classroom.

If you receive the code directly, you simply go to www.coursewave.com and enter the code to access the resource. If you access a resource by code, you will not be able to see any other resources in your dashboard.

If you are assigned the code by email, you will receive an automated email giving you a link to login to CourseWave. A login button will display at the bottom of the email. This button will take you to the login page at www.coursewave.com. There, you will have the option to set up your account through an email address or through your Google or Microsoft accounts.

A. Teachers: Visit www.coursewave.com and look for the teacher login prompt.


Q: How do I take a test?

A: Once you have access to CourseWave, your resource materials will appear on your Student Dashboard. To access a test, click on the cover of the book and find the chapter assessments, pretest, and posttests. You will have access to all tests when you log in, so it’s important to only access the test when your teacher instructs you to do so.

Q: How can I see my grades?

A: Only instructors can access grades on CourseWave. Please contact your teacher for your grades.

Q: What happens if I take the wrong test?

A: If you haven’t yet submitted the test, simply exit out of the test and take the correct one. If you have submitted the wrong test by accident, your teacher can reset the test to allow you to retake the assessment at a later date. Make sure to follow your teachers’ instructions very carefully in order to avoid needing a reset.

Q: My teacher gave me a code, but I lost it. Can I still take my assessments?

A: Contact your teacher and ask for a copy of your code. They will be able to retrieve it for you.

Q: I need to stop a test in the middle. Can I return and finish it?

A: If you exit a test without submitting your answers, you can return and finish the test. In the test list, it will show the number of unanswered questions under the test title.


Q: How do I find assessment codes?

A: These codes are included in the original email you received after your order was placed. If the codes were sent to the wrong contact, please call us at (888) 264-5877 or contact us by email to request a new email with your codes.

Q: What is the difference between CourseWave codes and eBook codes?

A: CourseWave is our online testing platform included with your book purchase. eBooks are not accessed through CourseWave. Not sure if your codes are for CourseWave or eBooks? All CourseWave codes are ten characters long; eBook codes are sixteen characters long. For questions about eBooks, please contact American Book Company at 1-888-264-5877 or [email protected].

Q: I imported the codes with the Excel sheet but forgot to input my students’ email addresses. How do they receive their materials?

A: Visit your Dashboard and click on an individual resource. You will find a “Manage Codes” button below the image of the book cover. You can then click on the edit option for each code and input each student’s information individually. When you’re finished, hit “Save” to send out the resources by automated email. If you do not want your students to receive an automated email, you may leave the email field blank and distribute the codes directly to the corresponding students.

Q: How long are my codes active?

A: In most cases, your CourseWave codes are good for 365 days from the purchase date. In special circumstances, such as summer school or a digital preview/trial, they may expire earlier. If you have questions regarding your purchase date or type, please contact us by email or by phone: (888) 264-5877.

Q: My student lost their login code, where can I retrieve it for them?

A: Visit your Dashboard and click on the resource your student is trying to access. Click the “Manage Codes” button below the image of the book cover. Find the student’s name on your list and give them the code displayed beside it.

Q: How do I order more CourseWave Codes?

A: When it’s time to order new codes, please contact us by email or by phone: (888) 264-5877.

Q: My students did not finish the test before submitting their answers. Can they resume the test or do they have to start over?

A: If your students exit a test without submitting their answers, the test autosaves, so they can return and finish the test. In the student view of the test list, it will show the number of unanswered questions under the test title.

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