Tips for Accessing CourseWave from Mobile Devices (NOT Recommended)

While you can access CourseWave from mobile devices, the online testing program works best on laptop or desktop computers. When you access CourseWave from a mobile device, you will receive a warning message at log in. However, you can still use a mobile device to take your assessments if you need to do so. 

Here are some quick tips for using a mobile device to take an assessment.

  • Rotate your tablet or phone to landscape orientation, so you have the widest possible screen.
  • Before answering any questions, identify all the important parts of the program. 
    • Your question list is on the far left–you will have to tap the button to open it. 
    • Any readings will be to the left of the questions, between the questions and the question list.
    • The reset button for each question is underneath the question.
    • The back and forward  buttons are in the middle of the navigation bar at the top of the page.
    • The “Go to Next Page” button is below the reset button for the last question on the page, to the right hand side of your screen.
  • Work through your test slowly; it won’t look the same as it does on a laptop or desktop, and  you won’t be able to see all the  information at once, so make sure you give yourself time to double-check your answers.

For more information about taking assessments, visit the article How to Take an Assessment.

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